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The instructions below explain the steps required to allow a trouble-free installation of your NLD Mavic 2 Core Board. You must follow all of the steps below to ensure a stable flight.


  1. Antenna Connector
  2. Antenna Connector
  3. Power / ESC Connector
  4. GPS Connector
  5. Camera Connector
  6. Top & Rear Obstacle Avoidance
  7. Bottom Plate & Leds

1. Physical Installation

Follow the teardown video to remove your existing board and install the new board.

The flex cable connectors are delicate and may break if they are poorly aligned, and you apply force. The connectors need to be seated correctly be allowing your finger to roll from side to side without using force until correctly seated. Verify by looking at the connector from the side and confirming that it is level with the socket and not tilted at an angle.

2. Visual Calibration

Open up DJI Assistant and perform a Visual Calibration before performing any flight. The board comes without calibration data, and therefore it is required before taking off.

3. IMU and Compass Calibration

Open up the DJI GO 4 Application and calibrate the IMUs and the Compass.

4. Gimbal Calibration

Also, with the DJI GO 4 Application, perform the Gimbal calibration to avoid tilted or shaky gimbal.

5. Apply MODS

Open up the NLD Windows application and apply the modifications needed.